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Jiangsu: "tax combination" to promote foreign trade steady and good Source: Xinhua Daily

DATE:2020/8/3 9:08:11
The foreign trade industry plays a very important role in the economic development and is the vane of opening up. It is very important to promote the recovery of foreign trade industry for the open economic system of Suzhou Industrial Park. From implementing preferential policies such as tax reduction and fee reduction, increasing export tax rebate rate, to accelerating export tax rebate speed and deepening "bank tax interaction" and other service measures, the tax department of the park has implemented the combination of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", promoting foreign trade enterprises to promote stability and quality, seek opportunities in crisis, and break through the encirclement. In the second quarter of this year, the accumulated RMB export amount of the park increased by 23.94% compared with the first quarter The foreign trade industry has recovered steadily.
Refund press fast forward
Overseas novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to spread, and foreign trade enterprises are generally faced with multiple difficulties such as the industrial chain being blocked and orders declining. Many foreign trade enterprises seek to turn around through export to domestic sales.
Jiming Pharmaceutical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou biological nano Park, has been focusing on overseas markets for a long time. In the early stage of the epidemic, due to the failure of normal supply of raw materials, many employees had difficulties in returning to the Soviet Union from other places and their production capacity was seriously restricted. After returning to work, when the company went all out to pursue production and fulfill the contract, it encountered the "second shock" brought by the spread of foreign epidemic, and the company's operation was once hindered.
In the face of multiple difficulties, such as the decrease of overseas demand, the delay of order delivery and the sharp rise of logistics cost in the short term, the company's leadership decided to change its business strategy and seek opportunities for domestic market development. However, it is not easy to transfer export products to domestic sales, and channel construction and capital turnover are all difficulties. After learning about the situation, the tax department of the park immediately followed up the needs of enterprises, arranged special personnel for docking, assisted enterprises in Paperless declaration, accelerated the examination of export tax rebate, and supported the strategic transformation of enterprises by "special affairs and special handling".
"The application is made on the same day, and the tax refund is paid to the account the next day. Since the beginning of this year, the company has received a total of 5.2763 million yuan of export tax rebate, and we have also enjoyed an additional deduction of more than 8 million yuan from R & D expenses. " Han Yanhong, financial manager of Jiming pharmaceutical technology, spoke highly of the warm-hearted service provided by the tax department of the park. "The rapid realization of export tax rebate and other policies has helped us to prepare enough start-up money for switching to the main business." The continuous optimization of the national tax rebate policy and the gradual implementation of other preferential policies provide strong support for the company to actively expand the domestic and foreign markets.
Time is development. In order to help enterprises recover the lost time and make up for the lost orders, the tax department of the park has accelerated a series of policies and measures, such as the facilitation of export tax rebate, the acceptance commitment system of tolerance and shortage, implemented the principle of "strict examination and quick leave", achieved "early report, early examination and early leave", realized "all kinds of refund, should leave early", and actively promoted the realization of various tax preferential policies "speed up again" ”To shorten the time limit for enterprises to meet their needs, and to do everything possible to stabilize foreign trade and promote production. In the first half of this year, the tax department of the park approved 8.577 billion yuan of export tax rebate (Exemption) for 2318 enterprises.
"Increase rate" to expand the scope and strength
"At the beginning, foreign customers urged us to return to work to deliver goods. Now it's normal to return to work and production. Many foreign orders have been delayed or cancelled. We are chasing after customers to ask if we can receive the goods. In this war, the domestic market plays the first half, the foreign market plays the second half, and the export enterprises play the whole field. " Liu Dehuai, President of Suzhou Kunling Film Industry Co., Ltd.
In the critical period, the State Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the announcement on increasing the export tax rebate rate of some products, increasing the export tax rebate rate of 1464 products. Relying on the tax big data platform, the tax department of the park will arrange and push the new policy "live water" to the enterprises one by one according to the product list. At the same time, through various channels, such as online and offline, the tax department of the park has carried out the foreign trade industry policy propaganda meeting to help enterprises better understand the latest policies and measures, relieve the pressure of enterprise funds, and promote the stable development of foreign trade.
The main export products of Kunling membrane industry are non foamed propylene polymer plates. "According to the calculation of last year's export situation, the tax rebate rate increased from 10% to 13%, which is expected to reduce our tax burden by about 1 million yuan a year, which is of great help to the company." Talking about the new policy of export tax rebate, Zhang Shuiling, the company's financial director, said that affected by the global epidemic, foreign market demand shrank, the company's export sales orders decreased, and the pressure on capital and inventory turnover was obvious. The increase of export tax rebate rate can not only reduce the operating costs and enhance the international competitiveness of export products, but also boost the company's long-term development confidence.
According to statistics, the adjustment of export tax rebate rate involves 276 kinds of export products in the park, involving 546 export enterprises. According to the calculation of the difference between the new and the old tax rebate rate, the adjustment of the tax rebate rate will increase the tax refund (Exemption) by nearly 40 million yuan.
How to solve the problem of "bank tax interaction"
Compared with large foreign trade enterprises, small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises have weak market anti risk ability, narrow customer base, relatively concentrated export commodities, and are more affected by the epidemic situation. They are generally faced with multiple difficulties such as shortage of funds and sharp reduction of orders. In view of the more urgent capital needs of small and micro enterprises during the epidemic period, the tax department of the park, in collaboration with the banking institutions, continued to increase the "bank tax interaction" and jointly carried out publicity sessions on preferential policies for foreign trade support credit, actively helping enterprises solve the problem of liquidity shortage. At the same time, it also actively promoted the cooperation banks to strengthen innovation, and specially created loan products of "simple examination and approval, convenient application, preferential interest rate, and repayment with borrowing" for small and micro enterprises

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