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Implement preferential insurance market entities, reduce taxes and fees, and give enterprises "reassurance" Source: new media of State Administration of Taxation

DATE:2020/7/27 8:49:47
In order to implement the detailed tax reduction and fee reduction policy and help enterprises return to work and production, since this year, local tax authorities have made enterprises accurately enjoy preferential policies through in-depth understanding of the needs of enterprises and precise guidance of "one enterprise, one policy". At the same time, we should optimize the tax service, improve the speed of tax refund, reduce the pressure of enterprise funds, ensure the production and operation of enterprises, and serve the overall situation of economic and social development.
Xinjiang: implement tax reduction and fee reduction to reassure Enterprises
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Tumushuke, Xinjiang, tax staff have gone deep into the factory workshops and small and micro enterprises to understand the market demand, and continue to provide tax policy gift packages for small and micro enterprises through online counseling and "cloud" teaching.
Yang Jun, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Tumushuke tax bureau of the State Administration of Taxation: through telephone counseling, SMS tips and home visits, he can grasp the development status and existing difficulties of enterprises in real time, and promote the employment and economic development in the jurisdiction.
Qinghai: the market main body of reducing taxes and fees
Qinghai's tax authorities have been working hard to do a good job in key livelihood work, stabilize people's production and life, serve the overall situation of economic and social development, implement the tax reduction and fee reduction policies of the party and the state in detail, empower each market entity, and help "six stabilities" and "six guarantees".
"Affected by the epidemic situation, there was once a shortage of living materials in the market. As a national leading enterprise in the industrialization of agriculture and animal husbandry, we are duty bound to try our best to stabilize the market! " Qiao Jihua, the person in charge of Qinghai Tianlu Dairy Co., Ltd., said, "at that time, there were many difficulties in the enterprise, such as the shortage of raw materials, the rise of logistics prices, the sharp increase of production, operation and maintenance costs, and the capital flow nearly dried up. Fortunately, the tax department of the Development Zone handled the tax rebate for our enterprise at the first time. It was really a relief and "quenched the thirst."
Since this year, the State Administration of Taxation Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone tax bureau has coordinated epidemic prevention and control and supported economic and social development, implemented "one enterprise, one policy" precise guidance, and made every effort to ensure enterprises to resume production and operation. Combined with the situation of Tianlu dairy, the tax department conducted "screen to screen" preferential policy guidance, further simplified the tax payment process, and successively handled four tax rebates with a total of 2.6214 million yuan for Tianlu dairy. In addition, in view of Tianlu dairy's free donation to epidemic prevention and treatment units and personnel, tax personnel carried out policy implementation guidance at the first time, so that enterprises can enjoy the relevant preferential policies in a timely manner.
"Since this year, the focus of the company's product sales has gradually shifted to online, and some preferential sales activities have been held," said Shi Hua, network sales manager of Northwest pride natural nutrition food Co., Ltd With the increase of sales volume, there are also many problems: "the online sales volume has increased significantly, the amount of invoice collection can not keep up with the demand, and some customers do not approve of electronic invoice; how to invoice customers for" discount "and" full reduction "promotion activities? For a time, these problems troubled us
In view of the tax related problems encountered by small and medium-sized enterprises in the online sales process, Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone tax bureau set up a working team to specially open up a "green channel" for invoice increment, adjust the invoice limit and supply, and guarantee the demand of enterprises for tickets. "At the critical moment, the tax department has helped us a lot and solved a lot of problems." Ji Yanmei, an online store manager of Qinghai xiaoxiniu Dairy Co., Ltd., is pleased to say that.
Xiamen: Tax and fee reduction and bonus to stimulate enterprise vitality
Not long ago, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation officially issued the notice on extending the implementation period of the policy of phased reduction and exemption of social insurance premiums for enterprises. The reduction and exemption policy introduced in February effectively hedged the increased expenditure of enterprises during the epidemic period. The new round of extension policies further reduced the capital pressure of enterprises and improved the return to work and production of enterprises For strong support.
As a famous automobile (bus) manufacturing enterprise and national automobile export base in China, Xiamen Jinlong travel vehicle Co., Ltd. has high-speed machine tools in the workshop, and workers are rushing to make overseas orders. Wang Huihui, the company's financial manager, said: "the company has nearly 4000 employees, half of which are professional R & D and engineering and technical personnel. After the outbreak, the company's operating costs and labor costs have increased. After the introduction of the phased relief policy, the company will enjoy a social security fee reduction of more than 3 million yuan from February to April. After the introduction of the new policy, the company's "tax reduction book" recorded another 2 million yuan, which further reduced the pressure on capital, and made the next stage of production more confident. "
Up to now, Xiamen Jinlong station wagon Co., Ltd. has exported 3247 passenger cars this year, with an income of 445 million yuan. The sales volume of orders received has exceeded 10 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25%. Among them, the largest export volume of Egypt orders, the amount of 113 million yuan.
As the most active subject in the market economy, the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is related to the livelihood of many families. The policy of periodic social security fee reduction and exemption reduces the operating pressure of enterprises from the cost side, effectively solves the problems of weak anti risk ability and insufficient cash flow of small and medium-sized enterprises, and effectively promotes the recovery and improvement of enterprises' operation.
"A series of fiscal and tax" combination fists "introduced by the state in a timely manner have helped enterprises and employees to overcome difficulties and difficulties, so that the market entities affected by the impact have been slowed down and turned around." Specialized in labor dispatch, enterprise social security agency

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