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Fast import data accuracy 100% key processing 6 cents error

DATE:2016/5/30 18:17:55
100% accuracy
Through Mingshuo Jinshui interface can be rapid data import billing error rate dropped to 0, the accuracy can reach 100%! The company can greatly reduce unnecessary losses due to data errors!
A key to solve 6 cents error
When single invoice list more financial billing will often encounter 6 cents error problem, if the manual calculation is very inconvenient and consume too much time, Mingshuo tax interface can easily just click on "button" comprehensive solution to all invoice list 6 cents error can be! Simple, convenient and quick!
Split / merge
The invoice amount exceeds the limit can use Mingshuo Jinshui interface automatically split the invoices to open, no need to manually split! When it is necessary to invoice data merge in the invoice amount to open, Mingshuo interface can automatically merge the data into multiple invoices invoice!

Guangzhou Mingshuo Mdt InfoTech Ltd is developing a focus control interface has a history of 10 years! Support the introduction of Excel, TXT, XML file format, it is compatible with the "space" and "Baiwang" billing software! Has the perfect docking of the sap, UFIDA, Kingdee, Suda, housekeeper, digital China, the wave of golden abacus and so on ERP, invoicing, and financial system. To provide customers with comprehensive financial information solutions to help enterprises to solve the problem of repeated financial input to reduce the workload! Check the bill eliminates the need to solve the problems of financial problems, all 6 cents error! Let billing accuracy error free! For often need to use the split, merging, statistics, query and customer name mapping and so on function Mingshuo tax control interface can be fully resolved.


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