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Business philosophy is the fundamental system, management thought. Management activities must have a fundamental principle, all the management are required around a fundamental core idea. The core idea is here said the business philosophy.

The so-called business philosophy, is the management to the pursuit of corporate performance according to, customers, competitors and staff's value view and correct operating behavior confirmation, and then based on formation basic idea and the technical advantages of the enterprise, development direction, common beliefs and enterprises in pursuit of business objectives. These can be called the "business philosophy" (theory of business). It is also non-profit nonprofit organizations, enterprises, organizations or agencies, any organization needs a business concept. In fact, a clear, accurate and consistent from beginning to end business philosophy, can play a great performance in the organization.

A business concept includes three parts. The first part is a basic understanding of the organizational environment, including the social structure, and foresee the market, customer and technology situation. The second part is a basic understanding of the special mission of the organization. The third part is the basic understanding of the core competence of the organization to complete the mission of the. In short, the basic understanding of the mission of the leadership in the economic and social environment to talent shows itself in the new. Business philosophy is formed through thinking, and practice days and months multiplying efforts to form and do. There is no doubt that the world's business philosophy is practice, world phone 10 years of thinking, a summary of the results.

Two basic requirements, effective enterprise management idea

1 basic understanding of the enterprise environment, mission and core competitiveness must be correct, can never be out of touch with reality. From the actual idea is no vitality.

2 to make all employees understand the business philosophy. Business philosophy to create the initial, enterprise employees more attention, also very understanding. Wait until the staff career development, the business philosophy as behoove, and gradually forgotten, organizational slack, stop thinking. Although the business philosophy is the essence of training, but remember that business philosophy cannot replace training.

3 business philosophy must constantly tested in modifying the rich. Business philosophy is not permanent. Everything is changing and moving, enterprise management must change with the external and internal environment changes.

In fact, some management efficacy of grand and lasting, can be maintained without shake for decades

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