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Guangzhou Mingshuo Mdt InfoTech Ltd is developing a focus control interface has a history of 10 years! Has the perfect docking of the sap, UFIDA, Kingdee, Suda, housekeeper, digital China, the wave of golden abacus and so on ERP, invoicing, and financial system. And provide comprehensive information technology solutions for customers, to help enterprises solve financial problems and reduce the workload of inputting! Check the bill eliminates the need to solve the problems of financial problems, all 6 cents error! Let billing accuracy error free! For often need to use the split, merging, statistics, query and customer name mapping and so on function Mingshuo tax control interface can be fully resolved.

The company has perfect control interface and professional service team, not to let the enterprise financial troubles and billing!

The company by virtue of attention in the field of tax control interface 10 years of professional experience in the development and precipitation technology, established dominance in tax control interface. Won unanimous recognition and praise of the major groups of small and medium enterprises!

The company has a skilled and pragmatic norms of technical research and development team, with undergraduate, graduate employees accounted for more than 85%; set up perfect customer service service network system!

Company to serve the community for the purpose, to science and technology to serve the country for the mission, pragmatic, cooperation, standardization, and innovation as the spirit of enterprise, the use of high-tech means, determined to in the tide of informatization construction of the courage to struggle, forge ahead, to build a harmonious and efficient modern society, the revitalization of national information industry
Make contribution.

Harmonious society, National Science and technology, enterprise information

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